Articulated Modular Lighting Range

What are Modular Lights, I hear you ask?

Modular Lighting offers the latest innovation in lighting. Lights that you can design and build yourself. Scalable interconnecting LEDs for contemporary lighting structures.

Lokuko Modular LED Lighting | Bespoke Lights

Lighting is transforming. It’s offering us more and more with the advancements of modern technology.

The latest lights that can be custom built are here. Throughout the 2020’s, we see individuality flourish, along with a heightened conscious of looking after the environment. These lights offer both and are a great way to add modernity to any setting.

Available on Bespoke Lights in kit form, which means that you order all the parts that you see on the main image. Variations to the image are possible and instructions for alternative forms are included with these modular lights.

You can also come up with your own design and we can supply all of the component parts for you. We don’t expect you to work everything out, so you can give us the look you’re aiming to achieve and the dimensions so that we can do the rest for you.


The joints on this light are the LEDs themselves, or rather the frame surrounding them. These domed discs of light are fixed to the frame simply and easily with an allen key.

You can change the look any time you want, or add to it (more drivers may be needed), just remember to turn the electrics off before you do so.

Take a look at some of the looks that you can achieve; the opportunities are endless.

Lokuko Modular LED Lighting | Bespoke Lights


Very similar to the above lights, except with this range, the rods contain cylindrical LEDs.

This range is dimmable, which is great to alter light levels as you need to. The arms can be swiveled before being secured to direct the light in the best position for your setting too.

Lokuko Modular LED Lighting | Bespoke Lights
Lokuko Modular LED Lighting | Bespoke Lights

The ultimate in flexible, customisable lighting. Give it a go – we’re happy to help. Just give us a call, email or use the online chat to get the ball rolling for your new and unique light.

Lokuko Modular LED Lighting | Bespoke Lights

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Lokuko Modular LED Lighting | Bespoke Lights