Hospitality Lighting for Restaurants, Over Table Pendants

Choose hospitality lighting for restaurants and cafes from the large selection at Bespoke Lights. Packed full of exciting lighting ideas from the grandest of chandeliers to retro pendants in vintage, antique and period styles. You'll find lots of colourful ceiling lights with matching wall lights that will help create a brand or style unique to your business. Affordable bespoke lights can be made to order for cafes and restaurants and whatever the budget you'll find all you need to create that truly unique interior. We are proud supporters of quality UK made light fittings and try where possible to source our lights from within the United Kingdom.

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The aim of any well designed casual or fine dining restaurant, cafe or coffee shop is all about providing a welcoming environment where guests can relax, enjoy the food and drink, leaving with a positive impression and a desire to return. One of the most important aspects in creating this ambience is the lighting. But how can you work out what sort of lighting is right for your business? Getting any lighting scheme right is a mix of common sense and experience. Here are a few tips and techniques for lighting restaurants and cafes from the lighting experts at Bespoke Lights.

The trick to restaurant lighting is not to get the room as bright as possible, but rather to balance the amount of light in the area with the surfaces, fixtures and fittings - its more about contrast than brightness. Think about the atmosphere you wish to create, the type of food you are serving, who your customers are and the style of your interior. Answering these questions can help you can decide the type of lighting you need.

Low level lighting can be relaxing and romantic but it is still important to have enough ambient lighting so your guests can easily read the menu and your staff are able to perform basic tasks safely. Many restaurants make the mistake of having a single rather dim light over each table whilst the surrounding areas are left in the shadows. To achieve the right balance the lighting should typically include overhead light fittings controlled by dimmer switches and lots of accent or mood lighting in the form of wall lights, picture lights and table lamps where appropriate. With this sort of flexible lighting scheme you will be able control the light levels at different times of the day.

Super bright lighting is much more stimulating that low level lighting and should be reserved for high energy outlets such as fast food establishments. Here the aim is to get customers in and out quickly and bright ceiling lights encourage this fast paced style of eating.

Hanging ceiling pendants are one of the most popular and practical forms of lighting for cafes and restaurants. They have a proven track record and are easy to install. Use them for over tables, counter tops, salad bars, serveries and bar areas. Chandeliers come in a whole range of styles and sizes and can be chosen to compliment your decor. They can be used to create a focal point and will providing an atmospheric, elegant lighting look. Track lighting is another popular form of restaurant lighting. It offers the ability to direct the light in different directions creating focal points within the restaurant. There is a huge choice on offer and they are usually a cost effective option.

A useful tip is to make the most of any wall space. Wall lights and decorative wall sconces offer an attractive ambient light. Picture lights are great for highlighting any art work or paintings and can also be used to highlight menu boards. Candle light can be used to great effect for romantic dining  - it is a decorative, low cost option and is ideal for themed restaurants.

Many restaurants are lucky enough to have outdoor seating and dining areas and the lighting is just as important in these spaces. You may want to have some LED fairy lights that are popular thanks to their low cost and long life. Even if outside dining is not an option, it is essential that any car parking areas and entrances are well signed and safely lit. Without good stand out signage potential customers may well pass you by.

Bespoke Lights have over 30 years experience in the hospitality lighting sector and we have worked on many lighting projects for restaurants and cafes. We offer some of the best indoor and outdoor lighting for the hospitality market. It's what we do, so if you need any help do get in touch. We can offer a range of lighting solutions using our standard fittings or if you are looking for something unique we can tailor custom made fittings to your specific requirements.

To find out a bit more about our bespoke custom made light fittings take a look at our blog by clicking the link below