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Come and explore Bespoke Lights great range of ceiling lights, chandeliers, wall lights and reading lamps that will bring out the best in your bedrooms. Bedroom lighting should not be overlooked. Our bedrooms are multi-functional spaces and a well planned lighting scheme should cater for all these activities. Bedside lighting to help us read can provided by bedside table lamps or wall reading lights. Pendant lights hanging over bedside tables or floor lamps are a good alternative if space is limited on bedside tables. Good all round overhead lighting controlled by a dimmer switch gives greater flexibility. Opt for a chandelier or luxurious silk pendants if you are looking to add a touch of glamour.


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The best bedroom lighting should incorporate layers of light that include ambient, task and accent lighting. Whilst bedrooms are essentially dark spaces for us to sleep they often double up as dressing rooms, reading spaces and even workstations. These activities all have different lighting needs so a flexible lighting plan is called for. A single ceiling pendant hung in the centre of the room is just not enough. 

General or ambient lighting for bedrooms can be provided by overhead ceiling lights and depending on the size of your room you may need more that one ceiling light fitting. Aim for lighting that gently bathes the whole room much as natural daylight would do. As your bedroom is is also a place to relax it is a good idea to have your ceiling lights on a dimmer switch so you can change the brightness to suit. A chandelier will add a touch of romantic luxury to a bedroom - this is your private space so treat yourself! If you do not have an overhead light fitting then floor lamps and wall lights are good alternatives.

Most bedrooms function as more than just spaces to sleep and you will need to factor in directional task lighting for workspaces and dressing areas for instance. For working areas a directional desk lamp will keep you alert and focused and this can be switched off at other times. Wall lights positioned by dressing tables or mirrors will give task lighting to help with dressing and make-up. Bedside lighting is often used for reading and therefore functions as task lighting. The most obvious choice is to have bedside table lamps. Over bed wall lights are also a great option for reading and there are any number to choose from. Many bedroom wall lights incorporate dedicated LED book lights rather like the ones seen in hotels. For smaller bedrooms where space is limited you could hang pendant lights over bedside tables or use a free standing floor lamp.

Accent lighting in bedrooms functions a little differently to other rooms. It is used to create a romantic, relaxing space. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a dimmer switch to reduce the light levels. Other options include using strings of fairy lights or placing LED candle lights around the room to create a warm glow.

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