Cinema Lighting and TV Room Lights, Art Deco Style Lighting

Cinema rooms are a great way to bring the atmosphere and magic of the big screen into your home and lighting is essential for creating the right ambience. Most of us watch films in the dark, or with very minimal lighting, so whatever lights you select,we would recommend adding dimmer switches which make it easier to get the right lighting balance. Theming the lighting in home cinemas and TV rooms works well, so why not recreate a touch of Hollywood glamour and introduce an Art Deco lighting scheme? Come and explore our recommended lights and create your own authentic cinema feel. Or to read a little more about cinema lighting take a look at our 'Lights, Camera, Action' blog by using the link below

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Lighting for home cinema rooms and TV rooms. Bespoke Lights offer quality light fittings at affordable prices and here you will find lots of inspirational lighting for your home cinema or TV room. Cinema rooms are all about relaxing and enjoying the experience, so look for ways to create a sense of luxury. Opt for sumptuous soft furnishings with plenty of texture to make the space feel cosy and warm.

It is worth considering how your cinema or TV room will be used. Not many of us can afford the luxury of a purpose built home cinema and often these rooms will double up as family friendly spaces. If this is the case you will need a flexible lighting plan that can be adapted to different functions. There are many types of lighting that can be used to enhance the atmosphere and viewing experience whilst still being adaptable enough for other activities. Home cinema light fittings should ideally be used with a dimmer switch as this will allow you to dim down the lights to provide a very low level background light whilst you are watching a film. The light level can then be made brighter for cleaning and other activities. Let's take a look at some of the lighting options.

Overhead Lighting - this is likely to be the main source of light in the room. LED downlights are a popular choice offering low profile flexible lighting. Used with a dimmer switch they can be fully switched on for cleaning or dimmed right down to give a warm glow and just enough background light whilst you are watching the big screen. Try to avoid any hanging ceiling lights that will obstruct your view. If you are lucky enough to have a purpose built home cinema you could opt for fibre optic lighting and create a magical star effect on the ceiling

Cove Lighting - this type of lighting is frequently seen in commercial cinemas and gives an indirect low level light source. It can easily be created in home cinemas by using LED coloured strip lighting.

Stair and Pathway Lighting - if you have installed rows of raked seating it is important to have pathway or step lights to prevent you or your guests from tripping. This can be achieved by using simple LED strip lighting, recessed step or low level wall lighting or spotlights sunk into the wall nearby. Any of these options will look good and provide the essential pathway lighting.

Wall Lights - these are a great option as they are attached directly to the wall and can be chosen to direct the light up and down the walls rather than out into the room. Silk wall washer lights chosen in a colour to match the wall will create a seamless look, just bathing the wall with a warm glow.

Table Lamps - you would definitely not see these in your local commercial cinema but they can be effective in home cinemas. Placed on tables between the seats they provide pools of atmospheric lights and a great place for keeping any drinks and snacks.

Grab the popcorn, finish your conversations, turn off your mobile phone and sit back in your home cinema or TV room and enjoy the film.