Schoolhouse lighting, with its classic, vintage appearance, evokes a style that is as charming and effective as it was over a century ago. With timeless good looks these hard-working light fittings are both functional and attractive, and offer a great way to add some retro flair to interiors.


The hugely popular ‘Downton Abbey’ TV series ran from 2010 to 2015. Viewers eagerly tuned in to watch the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their domestic servants unfold in Edwardian and post Edwardian Britain. This era also saw great advances in the world of lighting with the introduction of new electric lighting. Homes gradually moved away from oil lamps and gas lighting to embrace this new, cleaner electric light. However, at the time, not everyone was initially convinced by electric lighting. This wonderful quote from Downton Abbey’s Dowager Duchess, played so brilliantly by Dame Maggie Smith, shows there were some misgivings – ‘I couldn’t have electricity in the house. I wouldn’t sleep a wink. All those vapours floating about.’


If you are looking for refined, elegant lighting that is just that bit different look no further than our New Orleans Lighting Collection. This is a stunning collection of lights that takes its inspiration from the vibrant American city of New Orleans. It offers one of the most distinctive lighting collections available in the marketplace today and these sophisticated lights are surely destined to become antiques of the 21st century.


It cannot be denied that the humble light bulb is one of the modern conveniences that has changed the way we live. At the simple flick of a switch we can have instant, trouble-free illumination. I’m sure there are few among us who would care to return to using smelly, dirty animal fat candles, oil lamps or gas lighting. It has been the practice for many years to cover naked light bulbs with shades and in fact many people really did not like seeing the bulbs at all. Exposed light bulbs were only seen in industrial factories and warehouses and certainly not in home interiors. All this has now changed as we are seeing exposed light bulb fittings being used not only for hospitality lighting but for lighting in the home too.