Lighting Ideas for Traditional Hotel Bedrooms and Guest Rooms

As specialists in hotel and guest house lighting we can supply a large range of hotel bedroom lighting and guest house lights in traditional styles. The best guest bedrooms are relaxing places where guests can rest in beautifully appointed rooms and lighting plays a huge role in creating the right atmosphere. Today's guests want choices and like to be able to decide which parts of the room they want illuminated and how bright the lights should be. Ceiling lights, wall lights, table and floor lamps and bedside reading lights all play their part in creating the right ambience, so come and take a look at what's on offer at Bespoke Lights.  

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Traditional hotel bedroom lighting requires a good deal of thought and a blend of lighting options will provide the best results. Your aim should be to provide attractive, functional and versatile lighting for your guests and our aim is to supply you with quality, energy efficient lighting at affordable prices. Guest room lighting has come a long way in recent years with the advances in LED technology which allows designers and hoteliers to be more creative in improving the guest experience.

Hotel bedrooms should be places where guests can relax and soft ambient lighting will create a relaxing atmosphere. This can be achieved by having warm pools of lights around the room. Wall washer style wall lights, picture lights, over mirror lights, table lamps and floor standing lamps are all great way to create this effect in traditional hotel bedrooms. Use these lights, where appropriate, with neutral coloured faux silk fabric shades for extra softness and texture. A practical and cost effective way to provide extra ambient lighting is to fit recessed downlights in the ceiling - make sure these are dimmable so guests can change the light level to suit their needs. For traditional hotel bedrooms you could opt for more decorative ceiling lights if you feel this would add something extra to the room.

Guests now expect to have functional bedside lighting and there are any number of attractive bedside table lamps and wall reading lights to choose from. Wall lights that incorporate an LED reading arm offer the best of both worlds and work well in traditional rooms and they also free up valuable space on bedside tables. If there is a desk in the room make sure you provide sufficient task lighting for your business customers. This can be achieved by using a desk lamp or by having a directional wall spotlight.

For ease of use ensure the various lamps and lights are controlled on separate circuits and that they can also be switched from either side of the bed so guests do not have to get out of bed to switch off the lights. Try not to make things too complicated as too many switches could be a nuisance. If you are updating the lighting in your guest rooms it might be a good idea to consider investing in a key card system that means the lights would only be on when the room was occupied, saving both energy and money. Another super easy way to save energy and money is to switch to low energy LED bulbs which used 80% less energy.

Don't let your guest room lighting let your down! Come and check out what Bespoke Lights has to offer. If you need any help simply contact us - we are here to help you make the right lighting choices.

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