Traditional Regency Light Fittings for Period Homes

Classic lighting for traditional period homes is our specialty and here we have put together a great collection of elegant reproduction lighting from the Regency era. The designs for Regency lighting took inspiration from Europe and beyond. Dramatic French and Flemish chandeliers along with elegant lanterns, wall sconces and candelabras were all used in wealthier homes. Regency lights had a refined tasteful appearance with simple strong symmetrical lines and less in the way of fussy decorations that was the hallmark of earlier Baroque lighting. Original Regency light fittings were designed for use with wax candles but with today's replica Regency lights we can recreate this look by using low energy candle bulbs.



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Refined elegant Regency lighting. Reproduction light fittings from the Regency ere including Flemish chandeliers, French style lighting, classic light fixtures ideal for hotel lighting as well as wall sconces, candelabras and hall lanterns for lighting Regency period homes. Regency lights with less emphasis on fussy decorations, a more understated grandeur.

The light fittings of the Regency era were simple, strongly symmetrical, with gentle curves, heavily influenced by French styling and a new interpretation of the classic Greek look. Regency style lighting was simpler lighting with finer detail that would have included scrolls, shields, Egyptian designs and motifs. wreaths and garlands and acanthus leaves. Reeding and fluting, a sort of ribbed detailing, was commonly used on Regency furniture and was echoed in the Regency light fittings. It can be found on reproduction Regency lighting where reeded columns are used on the bases of metal table lights and standard lamps and on the frames of Regency chandeliers.

In Regency times only the more affluent could afford to burn large numbers of candles and going to a home well lit by candles was a sign of wealth. Their homes had spacious windows with well placed reflectors and mirrors to maximise the light. Formal Regency chandeliers, lit by candles were made in silver, gold polished brass or burnished brass with rich brown and black patinas. Regency wall sconces, hall lanterns, candelabras and torchieres were all used for lighting in larger Regency homes. Oil burning lamps were also a feature of Regency lighting with the glass chimney style of oil lamp being popular.

Bespoke Lights have years of experience and can offer you something few other lighting companies can. You will not see our light fittings everywhere and many of them can be customised to suit your particular requirements – maybe you just need longer chains or a bigger fitting with more lights or alternatively you may want to have your very own unique Regency light fitting made. Whatever you are looking for our friendly and knowledgeable staff and ready and willing to help and you won't have to spend ages listening to ghastly piped music either.

Lighting a period home can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Our guide to 'Lighting Through the Ages' has lot of hints and tips to help you choose the right light fittings. Simply click on the link below.