Flush Fitting Ceiling Lights, Recessed Downlights, Spotlights

Flush fitting ceiling lights fit close to the ceiling and are the ideal lighting solution for rooms with ceilings of less than 7' 6" or 2.2 metres. Although you will have to makes some compromises with your choice of lighting if you have low ceilings, do not be down heartened. Embrace the space and make clever use of lighting to enhance the room. Bespoke Lights stock and supply a wonderful collection of flush fit ceiling lights for every room. For instance, add a luxurious touch to bathrooms with a flush fitting crystal chandelier or a low profile look to kitchens with recessed or surface mounted spotlights.




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Are you looking for flush fitting lights for low ceilings? Then you are definitely in the right place! Bespoke Lights have a comprehensive selection of lighting for low ceilings in a whole host of different styles and finishes to suit every room, whatever your budget. Whilst low ceilings are not usually the place for hanging light fittings there are, nevertheless, many attractive low profile options available. No need to settle anymore for a simple round 'utility style' flush mounted ceiling light as there is now a wide choice of decorative lighting for low ceilings in both traditional and modern designs.

Homes built after the Second World War were designed with lower ceiling heights to save on building and heating costs and some more recent builds have even lower ceilings. On the other hand, older homes tend to have higher ceilings as they were built to create an impression of space and grandeur but they may still have had attic rooms and basements with lower height ceilings. We have arranged our ceiling lights so you can choose from ceiling hanging lights, semi-flush ceiling lights or flush fitting ceiling lights which should help to make it easier to select the right light.

Recessed spotlights or down lights give a sleek low profile look and are a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They come in a range of finishes and some can be angled to direct the light. If recessed spotlights are not an option there are also many flush fitting spotlight bars and clusters of spotlights that fit directly onto the ceiling taking up little vertical space. Looking for something a little more glamorous for your bathroom? Check out our collection of crystal flush fitting bathroom chandeliers.

If you have your heart set on a hanging ceiling light there are still some situations where pendant lights can be used even if you have a lower height ceiling. Most hanging pendants have adjustable chains, cables or rod suspensions that can be shortened allowing you to mount the fittings where there is no likelihood of anyone walking into them. They can be used over dining tables and side tables, for lighting over kitchen islands and over sinks, basically anywhere there is no access on foot.

Flush to the ceiling light fittings are no longer boring. Today there are lots of decorative ceiling lights available and you will not have to compromise on either quality or style. Take a look at what's on offer and you will soon appreciate the benefits of these space saving low profile lights. Please be sure to measure carefully before purchasing and installing your chosen light fitting for your low ceiling and remember to allow a minimum clearance of around 7' or 2.1 metres.

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