Lighting for Living Rooms, Sitting Rooms and Lounges

Lights for your living room, lounge, sitting room or drawing room. Large selections of hanging ceiling lights, wall lights standard lamps and table lamps will allow you to create the perfect mood for your living spaces. Quality lighting at really affordable prices from Bespoke Lights. Many of our light fittings are made in the UK and can be adapted or customised for your needs. Bespoke Lights are specialists in traditional lighting for period homes, replica lighting that will be in keeping yet with all the benefits of modern electric lights.

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With a little help from Bespoke Lights, there are lots of ways that you can improve your living room lighting by creating layers of light. Lighting is important in any room but never more so than in sitting rooms and open plan living spaces. These are multi functional rooms where we spend a lot of time and getting the lighting right will make all the difference.

Living areas need multiple lighting options to make the most of the space and enhance the visual appeal by providing focus and depth. Depending on the size of the room, the main ambient lighting is usually taken care of by having one or more overhead ceiling lights, pendants or chandeliers. Whilst these central ceiling lights are a good start they by no means cater adequately for all the different activities that take place in living spaces. 

Our blog 'Choosing the Perfect Ceiling Light' has lots of tips to help you select the right overhead light for your living room.

Creating an even glow around the edges of a living room will create depth and this can be achieved by using wall lights to compliment the overhead lighting. If you are watching TV you can dim or turn off the central lights and use the wall lights to create a cosy ambience. Adding one or two table lamps can change the mood of the room instantly and they are perfect for adding a little light to any dark corners or alcoves. Floor standing lamps can be used to add additional light in much the same way as table lamps, but they can also provide task lighting. Standard lamps placed beside a chair or sofa will provide directional light to help you read comfortably. Picture lights can be used to add an extra dimension by highlight your favourite pictures and art work.

The type of bulbs you choose for your lounge light fittings will also help to create the right feel and character. Soft or warm white bulbs are more traditional in appearance and are a good way to make a room feel more relaxed. Cool white bulbs, on the other hand, are more energising and work best in open plan spaces that incorporate kitchen and dining areas.

Come and take a look at our amazing collection of living room lighting. Quality lighting at affordable prices to help you make the most of your living space.