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Bespoke Lights Edwardian Lighting Collection reflects the continental influences of that period. Our collection enables you to choose replica and reproduction lights from the Edwardian period that are made using the best modern materials that are available to us today. Although the Edwardian period was brief, only lasting around 9 years, it was nevertheless a breath of fresh air. Gone were the heavy dark light fittings and fussy detail on the Victorian lights to be replaced by a more  informal, fresh and feminine looking lighting style. This period was know as Belle Epoque (or the Beautiful Era).

Electric lighting was just being introduced and a few wealthier homes would have had electric light fittings in their drawing rooms or dining rooms. The majority of homes, however, still relied on a combination of gas lighting, candles and oil lamps as electric lighting did not become widespread until after World War 1. Lighting styles in the Edwardian era were beautiful and innovative and influenced by continental Europe, the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau movements. Edwardian light fittings were graceful using delicate metalwork to add elegance. Edwardian ceiling lights had simple linear designs with scrolling arms and pretty shades. Some of the more eye catching Edwardian chandeliers were multi-tiered and featured coloured and smoked glass. These Edwardian chandeliers look stunning in large hallways, hotel foyers and function rooms. Fabric shades in soft colours with decorative frills and tassels would have been used on Edwardian table lamps and standard lamps as well as on ceiling and wall lights. Gilded light fittings were popular and often used for ceiling lights and wall lights, and for lighting Edwardian bathrooms. Handmade Tiffany table lights were popular and these featured stained coloured glass in an array of beautiful colours and floral designs. Bronze metal table lamps featuring reclining female figures were popularly used for additional lighting.

Edwardian Lighting was influenced by continental travel and by the Arts and Crafts Movement and the emerging Art Nouveau style. Arts and Craft lights were simple hand crafted lights with little ornamentation. These lights often featured Celtic motifs or flowers and were influenced by designers such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and William Morris. Art Nouveau lighting featured curved lines with stylish flowers, leaves and buds. Art Nouveau lights were similar to the Arts and Crafts lights except they were happy to rely on mass production. Tiffany lighting also became popular around this time and you can access Bespoke Lights separate collection of Tiffany lights from our Home page.