Sloped Ceiling Lights, Hanging Lighting for Vaulted Ceilings

Lots of great ceiling lights and pendants for sloping ceilings. Sloping and vaulted ceilings are stunning architectural features and you certainly want to make the most of them by highlighting them with the clever use of lighting. However, when if comes to choosing light fittings for angled and pitched ceilings many people struggle. Pendant lights offer a clean, simple solution as the ceiling plates fit directly onto the ceiling at an angle, whilst the pendant light itself hangs straight down. Come and take a look at Bespoke Lights recommended light fittings for slanted ceilings.


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A great collection of ceiling lights and pendant lights for using on sloping, pitched and vaulted ceilings. Lots of inspirational lighting ideas for sloping ceilings that will help highlight these attractive features. Most ceiling lights are designed for using on flat ceilings and if you have a slanted ceiling you may be struggling to find lighting that will work. To help you find the right light fittings we have put all our sloping ceiling lights in one place.

When you select a light for your sloping ceiling you will need to make sure it will not be affected by hanging at an angle. Pendant lights are versatile ceiling lights that hang freely from the ceiling making them a great choice for lighting on angled ceilings. The ceiling rose can be fitted onto the ceiling at an angle and the pendant will hang straight down. Some of our more recently recommended pendant lights for sloping ceilings have specially angled knuckle joints attached to the ceiling rose to allow them to easily hang down straight. Most ceiling pendants have reasonably long chains or cables which will allow them to hang down to the required height. Pendants hung from sloping ceilings can be used for general ambient light or used for focused lighting over tables and kitchen islands, etc.

Like pendant lights, many chandeliers also hang down freely which means the angle does not usually interfere with the installation. A chandelier is a great choice if you are looking for an impressive feature light to highlight your vaulted ceiling.

Spotlights are another option to consider when lighting sloping ceilings. They will provide a subtle lighting look that is more modern in appearance. Recessed spotlights can be fitted into angled ceilings for a low profile look and if you select ones that can be angled you can direct the light where you want it. Surface mounted spotlights are a good alternative if you are unable to fit recessed downlights. These can also be angled to direct the light and can be fitted onto beams as well as directly onto the ceiling.

Ceiling track lighting is another good solution for lighting on angled ceilings and with a choice of spotlights or pendants that can be attached onto the track you can arrange light fittings to suit your situation. The bars or tracks are best if they are placed horizontally onto the sloping ceiling.

As sloping ceilings tend to be taller than normal, additional lighting will be need at lower levels to ensure the space is adequately lit. Wall lights, for instance, can bridge the gap between the ceiling and ground level.  Uplighter floor lamps and table lamps can be used to provide atmospheric lighting.

If you are looking for more creative lighting ideas for your sloping and vaulted ceilings then check out our lighting blog article.