Long Drop Lights for Stairwells, Lighting for High Ceilings

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Whether you have just a few stairs, a fancy spiral staircase or a magnificent double height stairwell you will find an eclectic mix of light fittings to light your 'stairway to heaven' at Bespoke Lights. Despite their often lofty heights and interesting shapes, stairwells are frequently ignored and treated as areas we simply pass through. Choose the right lighting and you can transform your staircases, stairwells and landings into a well lit and dramatic spaces to be proud of.

Stairs can be dangerous places and the lighting should not only be decorative but safe and functional too. Having a bright light over the stairs will ensure your family and guests can move safely up and down. There is ,nevertheless, still huge potential to make a real statement. Stairwells and staircases come in all shapes and sizes and there is no one correct solution. The challenge is to achieve an integrated look that is warm, inviting and in keeping with your style of furnishings and the age of your property. 

If you are lucky enough to have a large stairwell with a high or double height ceiling you can make a dramatic statement by having a large long drop light fitting such as a spiral stairwell pendant or an impressive chandelier. For more modest stairwells choose a smaller chandelier or hanging hall lantern to provide your focal point. Often stairwell lights are viewed from different angles. Most ceiling light fitting are designed to be viewed only from below, so make sure any lights you choose look good from all angles.

A clever way to add interest and light to a stairwell is to use a few wall lights placed at intervals along the wall following the slope of the stairs. This classic look will cast gentle pools of light onto the wall and will often help to open up a cramped staircase. Wall lights that cast light both up and down are particularly effective in narrow stairwells. There are many beautiful wall lights and sconces available but please do check the size carefully, particularly the projection or depth, to ensure they are going to work in your space.

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