Bespoke Lights specialise in traditional lighting for period homes and contract lighting for hotels and hospitality lighting for pubs, bars and restaurants. We have an amazing collection of quality lighting that can be purchased ‘off the peg’ from our on-line store. But, what if you want something unique? As our name would suggest we are also a bespoke lighting company offering tailor-made lighting, custom-built lighting or bespoke lighting – whatever you want to call it – we do it. In this blog we will be taking a look at what we can offer outside of our standard lighting collections.


This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing on 20th July 1969. As this historic event is celebrated, we would like to pay our tribute to the brave astronauts aboard  the Apollo 11 spacecraft and showcase some of our space age lighting ranges.  Lighting that is truly out of this world!


For many years we have been accustomed to hiding our bulbs inside our light fittings. This was perfectly understandable as, until quite recently, light bulbs were not overly attractive and some were even downright ugly. With the introduction of the latest generation of LED decorative filament bulbs a whole new creative way of lighting has opened up. These bulbs are definitely designed to be shown off!


Translucent lighting provides a clean, uncluttered look where nothing is hidden. You are able to see through and beyond to view what is all around you with no barrier. This is not a new idea when it comes to lighting in the home but with the recent introduction of more attractive vintage light bulbs, this is one of the emerging trends in both lighting and interior design. In this blog we will be taking a look at both translucent see through lighting and some of the latest amazing LED light bulbs.

HOTEL LIGHTING UK – Create Impressive Interiors

Luxury hotels need to surpass guest expectations on all levels. Today’s guests have higher expectations and the growth of boutique hotels and serviced apartments is challenging the established way of things. In the past the most expensive looking large chandeliers brimming with bling and sparkle were considered to be enough to convey the luxurious look and all that was needed to impress the impressionable. Times have changed, we need to do more to create a lasting memory. Interiors should now have more impact and incorporate design elements that not only captivate us instantly but continue to delight us throughout our stay. Whilst first impressions do still count these initial good vibes should be be reinforced by ensuring that all areas of the hotel are decorated and lit to consistently high standards.

Lighting For Hospitality and Leisure

Designers and architects know that lighting is a vital element in creating a real impact and this is no less true in designing for the hotel and leisure industry. As well as aesthetic considerations there will also be issues of cost, efficiency and health and safety.

Decorative Emergency Lighting for the Hospitality Sector

It is a legal requirement that public buildings must have safety systems and lighting in place to allow occupants to exit safely in the event of any incident. Emergency lighting must operate in industrial, commercial and retail premises in the event of a failure to the mains power supply.