Sandringham Lighting

Our Sandringham Lighting Collection showcases light fittings of the highest quality, and is one of our most successful collections, drawing inspiration from traditional 18th, 19th and 20th century lighting styles. Influences of this broad ranging collection include Georgian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Edwardian designs, updated for the 21st century. This is classic lighting for today’s discerning customers.


Regarded as the jewel in the crown of all ceiling lights, chandeliers are a statement of elegance and glamour. Their popularity has endured throughout the centuries and they were, and to some extent still are, associated with wealth, power and social standing.


This summer marks the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing on 20th July 1969. As this historic event is celebrated, we would like to pay our tribute to the brave astronauts aboard  the Apollo 11 spacecraft and showcase some of our space age lighting ranges.  Lighting that is truly out of this world!


If you are looking for refined, elegant lighting that is just that bit different look no further than our New Orleans Lighting Collection. This is a stunning collection of lights that takes its inspiration from the vibrant American city of New Orleans. It offers one of the most distinctive lighting collections available in the marketplace today and these sophisticated lights are surely destined to become antiques of the 21st century.


Bespoke Lights latest lighting blog showcases some stunning new crystal bathroom lights from Marquis by Waterford. This collection includes chandeliers, ceiling pendants and wall lights.


David Hunt Lighting is a well-respected name in the lighting world. If you have been looking for lighting you will almost certainly have come across this brand or you may have seen some David Hunt light fittings in hotels and restaurants. They are one of the oldest lighting manufacturers in Britain and have been based in the Cotswolds for the last 100 years. Nowadays many light fittings are made in China, or other overseas countries, but the majority of David Hunt lights are made right here in the UK.


One of the most popular trends in recent times has been to decorate our homes in in a minimalist style. A cross between an oriental Zen-like quality and the simplicity of Scandinavian design with little or no ornamentation and definitely no clutter!  Whilst this clean minimalist look is fine in modern homes it does not always sit well in more traditional interiors. But the tide is now turning and we are seeing a return to luxurious and opulent styles in what is now being dubbed the ‘maximalist style’.


In today’s blog we will be looking at how to light a dining room. With the festive season nearly upon us the chances are your dining room may well be taking centre stage as family and friends come together to celebrate. By choosing the right lighting you can make your dining room both visually attractive and practical, not only for Christmas but all year round too. Dining room lighting should not be taken for granted as it is important that the room is lit appropriately so your guests can sit, relax and enjoy the food, drink and conversation. Whether you are quickly re-decorating your dining room before Christmas or are simply looking to upgrade your existing lighting there are a few things to bear in when choosing light fittings.