Although lanterns can be used anywhere around the home, they have been used to light entrance halls for hundreds of years. Hall lanterns are often thought of as a traditional choice, but they now come in a wide choice of styles, finishes and sizes – there are lanterns that suit modern and contemporary interiors as well as period homes.


Regarded as the jewel in the crown of all ceiling lights, chandeliers are a statement of elegance and glamour. Their popularity has endured throughout the centuries and they were, and to some extent still are, associated with wealth, power and social standing.


One of the most popular trends in recent times has been to decorate our homes in in a minimalist style. A cross between an oriental Zen-like quality and the simplicity of Scandinavian design with little or no ornamentation and definitely no clutter!  Whilst this clean minimalist look is fine in modern homes it does not always sit well in more traditional interiors. But the tide is now turning and we are seeing a return to luxurious and opulent styles in what is now being dubbed the ‘maximalist style’.


Colonial lighting has a refined elegance and touch of formality that is perfect for traditional interiors. In this blog we will be looking back to see how this style evolved and showing you how easy it is to add nostalgic Colonial style light fittings into period homes.

MONOCHROME MAGIC – Black and White Light Fittings

Using black and white for interior decoration has never really been out of fashion, and with good reason. This striking combination works with both traditional and modern interiors. White has a crisp clean look, whilst black is more dramatic and bold creating a marriage made in heaven. Monochrome was originally used to describe a photograph or picture produced in black and white or in varying tones of one colour. Black and white are both ‘flat’ colours but by introducing the different shades of white, combining black with varying shades of grey and incorporating different textures and patterns there are endless ways to work this look in our interiors.