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Come and explore our great selection of hotel corridor and hallway lighting that will enhance your guests experience. Corridors and hallways in hotels and guest houses are often required to be lit 24 hours a day and will benefit from having a well planned lighting scheme. These can be high traffic areas and light fittings need to be robust and performance is often considered more important than style but not here at Bespoke Lights where it is possible to find lighting for hotel corridors and hallways that is both attractive and stylish as well as being long lasting and economical.

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A collection of lights that are ideally suited for lighting in hotel corridors, hallways and passageways. These spaces are not really rooms but transient places where guests move from one area to another. Corridors are frequently long and narrow with many not having any natural daylight, As well as the hallways and corridors, there are also lift lobbies, staircases and landings to consider too. These spaces should be pleasantly lit so guests are confident walking through them and are not left feeling uncomfortable because the area is dark and poorly lit.

If the lighting in your hotel corridors and hallways is outdated, inefficient and in need of a makeover then you are in the right place! Your aim should be to provide a seamless experience that takes your guests from the main reception and function rooms of the hotel to the comfort of their own rooms. The lighting in corridors and hallways should be unobtrusive and wall washer wall lights and recessed lighting are the obvious choices here. Interior designers concentrate on providing a lasting impression rather than focusing on the lighting fittings themselves in these areas.

Choose light coloured wall and ceilings and bright lighting to enhance the feeling of space. Long corridors can be made to look less tunnel like by having wall lights that create pools of light and enhance the level of vertical illumination. Ceilings well lit by recessed downlights make corridors appear higher and more attractive. Ceiling down lights or recessed light fittings fit flush to the ceiling and can be spaced to give an even coverage of light. In addition they can be used with long lasting low energy and LED bulbs and they do not cost a fortune to buy. Another option to consider is having illuminated LED room number signs. Whilst these add an elegant touch they do not give quite enough light in their own right so wall washer lights evenly spaced on the walls between the rooms will help guests feel safe and secure. If you have space for some pictures or art work on the walls, this will add a bit of character and personality and using picture lights will add an extra dimension.

The main areas of the hotel including the corridors and hallways should never be left in the dark and by using low energy fittings or LED bulbs you can significantly reduce costs. Modern LED light fittings use much less energy that older style fittings and combined with movement sensors or dimmer switches can result in impressive energy savings of up to 85%. Add to this the reduction in maintenance costs you have a 'win win' situation.

In most hotels the corridors form part of the emergency escape routes and this being the case they must, by law, have emergency light fittings and illuminated exit signs. There are two sorts of emergency lighting - maintained and non-maintained. Maintained light fittings are dual purpose lights that act as regular light fittings but stay switched on in the event of a power cut. Non maintained fittings are kept switched off and will only be activated during a power cut.

Bespoke Lights can supply all you need to light your hotel corridors and hallways. We even have a small selection of attractive emergency light fittings. Attractively lit corridors can make all the difference to your guest's experience making them more likely to return to your hotel. If you would like assistance choosing the right hotel corridor lighting contact the experts at Bespoke Lights. Just give us a call on 01643 707505 or speak to our 'online chat' representative.