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Ceiling spotlights, recessed spots or down lights, wall spotlighting, surface mounted  spotlights, spotlight clusters and spotlight bars are great versatile lights that can be used to create  a variety of lighting options around the home. Spotlights are generally considered to be a modern lighting trend, but here at Bespoke Lights we believe that some of our more traditional spotlights would not be out of place in older properties. 

Spotlights provide great directional light and for this reason are often used for lighting in kitchens and utility areas, but spots are not just for kitchen lighting, they can in fact be used for lighting anywhere around the home. There are even special spotlights and down lights suitable for lighting in bathrooms

Ceiling spotlights can be surface mounted or recessed into the ceiling. Recessed spotlights or down lights which fit into the ceiling seem to be either loved or hated in equal measure, but used correctly can be very effective in providing different lighting effects. If you are unable to fit recessed spotlights there are a whole host of surface mounted spotlights to choose from. Bright halogen spotlights are great where good directional light is needed in kitchens and bathrooms or for highlighting art work or lighting particular architectural or period features. More subtle spotlighting can be used to create soft ambient background light in the evening for lighting in reception areas and dining rooms. Spotlights are ideal if they are switched separately from the other lights in a room and even better if they are controlled by dimmer switch as this will allow you to control the level of light effectively. Spotlights or down lights can also be used to light dark corners of rooms or for lighting in corridors or passageways where light is often lacking. They are ideal for lighting in hotels where they can be used in corridors and bedrooms.