Georgian Period Lighting, Lanterns, Chandeliers and Wall Lights

Lighting in Georgian times, know as the 'Age of Aristocracy' was opulent and dominated by grand light fittings designed to impress. With glass now being used for light fittings there was a move away from the dark wrought iron light fittings of former Medieval and Tudor times.  Wax candles were used to light romantic and opulent crystal chandeliers and our collection of Georgian lighting includes lights that are typical of this era and reflect this new found sophistication. The appeal of Georgian style lighting lasts to this day.


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Lighting in the Georgian period slowly became more sophisticated with a move away from the simple rustic lighting styles of earlier years. In larger Georgian houses light fittings would have included glass, metal and wooden chandeliers. Highly polished or burnished brass and silver were commonly used for the more expensive Georgian light fittings.

Chandeliers, lit by candles, were hung in the most important rooms and these were spectacular with lots of curved arms and decorations. The French influenced, elegant and graceful Rococo style became all the rage. This style was epitomised by large central lights and chandeliers with lots of flowing arms that would have included hand crafted acanthus leaves and foliage with crystal and cut glass drops added for adornment. The same detail would have been used on matching wall lights and candelabras or multi stemmed candlesticks used for lighting on large dining tables.

Solid brass lanterns suspended on chains and lit by candles were widely used for lighting in Georgian entrance halls and reception areas. Large Georgian drawing rooms with plenty of natural light would have had impressive central ceiling lights with wall lights to ensure the outer edges of the room were well lit. Dining rooms were often lit by large chandeliers with wax candles which created a soft atmospheric light for eating. To achieve this look today considering using central lights that can be dimmed for a relaxing dining experience.

Wall sconces lit by candles often had reflective back mirrors to maximise the light and were commonly used for lighting either side of fireplaces. Georgian wall lights and sconces would have been enclosed in glass cases to prevent the candles from blowing out in any draughts.

Bespoke Lights offer you a quality collection of lighting suitable for Georgian homes. Luckily, today we are able to recreate the wonderful lighting from the Georgian era that retains the character but has all the benefits of modern electric light. We have the luxury of being able to use the best of modern materials to create lights that replicate the fittings that would have been used in Georgian times. Additionally we are able to offer a bespoke service for our customers to have a light made to their specific requirements. We have many year experience in the lighting industry and can offer unique custom-made lighting at a fair price and give you the benefit of on-line shopping with old fashioned service.

Lighting a period home can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Our guide to 'Lighting Through the Ages' has lot of hints and tips to help you choose the right light fittings. Simply click on the link below.