Baroque and Rococo Lighting, Gold Chandeliers and Candelabras

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Baroque lighting is an opulent, flamboyant lighting style. Lavish bronze gold light fittings, ornate gold ceiling lights with lots of decorative curves, swirls and swags, bronze and pewter chandeliers and more elaborate glass chandeliers, matching candelabra wall lights, chubby childlike cherub table lamps and decorative standard lamps all epitomise Baroque style lighting. Main staircases were great features and would have warranted a large luxurious Baroque chandelier suspended over the stairwell.

Rococo lighting, on the other hand, was a more informal and intimate style of lighting and a bit of a reaction against the excesses of the Baroque lighting style. The French influenced Rococo lights were more elegant and graceful and Rococo lighting was epitomised by the use of a central chandelier with matching wall sconces. The Rococo chandelier formed the centre piece in larger rooms and would have had lots of flowing arms decorated with hand-crafted acanthus leaves and foliage with crystal and cut glass droplets for added for adornment. The wall brackets or sconces would have been elegant affairs with the same acanthus leaf decorations. The same detailing would have been repeated in the candelabras, or multi-stemmed candlesticks, that would have been used to light up the large dining tables. The metals used in Rococo lights would have included cast brass and bronze in an antique gold colouring.

Although Baroque and Rococo lighting is not suited to the average home it certainly does look stunning in the right setting. The light fittings are particularly suitable lighting for larger Georgian houses and hotels where these stunning reproduction lights can be shown to best effect. Having said that Baroque and Rococo lights are having a bit or a revival at present and Rococo lights are being used to add that touch of romantic glamour to bedroom lighting and sumptuous Baroque gold chandeliers are ideal for giving an indulgent feel to formal dining room lighting.