Pendant light fittings hang down from the ceiling and direct light in a downward direction. They are usually suspended on a chain, rod or cord cable and hang like pendants on a necklace – not surprisingly, this is where they get their name. By bringing the light down from the ceiling they put illumination where it is needed. There are many different types of ceiling pendants to choose from and it is not hard to see why they are so popular. Pendant lighting can be used in all rooms of the home, for hospitality lighting too and even in certain outdoor situations.


Regarded as the jewel in the crown of all ceiling lights, chandeliers are a statement of elegance and glamour. Their popularity has endured throughout the centuries and they were, and to some extent still are, associated with wealth, power and social standing.


David Hunt Lighting is a well-respected name in the lighting world. If you have been looking for lighting you will almost certainly have come across this brand or you may have seen some David Hunt light fittings in hotels and restaurants. They are one of the oldest lighting manufacturers in Britain and have been based in the Cotswolds for the last 100 years. Nowadays many light fittings are made in China, or other overseas countries, but the majority of David Hunt lights are made right here in the UK.

How to Select the Perfect Ceiling Light?

CHOOSING THE PERFECT CEILING LIGHT Light fittings are important in any room and choosing the perfect ceiling light will not only give you the light you want but will also set the mood and compliment your decorations and furnishings. Many people are understandably nervous selecting lights on-line without being able to see them, or are

Unique Lighting for Sloping and Vaulted Ceilings.

  Bespoke Lights have introduced a great new range of hanging pendant lights that can be fitted onto slanted or sloping ceilings. They use specially adapted ceiling roses which fit onto the sloping ceiling allowing the drop rods to hang straight down. Whilst sloping ceilings are stunning, until now they have been a challenge to