Ecclesiastical Lighting for Churches and Places of Worship

Lighting church buildings requires special consideration as it is so very different to lighting in the home environment. Bespoke Lights is a family company, who for over 30 years have been involved in supplying lighting for a wide range of churches and other places of worship as well as heritage and listed buildings. Good church lighting should have a positive effect on peoples experiences allowing them to see and move around freely, read service sheets and appreciate the architectural features. Quality and direction of light is equally as important as the intensity and different lighting sources will be required for the main body of the church, the pulpit, the altar, choir stalls, organ and so on. Church lighting should be easy to operate and cost effective to run.

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Designing and selecting the correct ecclesiastical lighting and light fittings for churches and other places of worship requires a lot of thought. Churches not only need adequate and uniform light levels but ideally the lights should compliment the architecture of the building. Here at Bespoke Lights we have access to a whole range of light fittings and can work with our manufacturing partners who use traditional skills to to produce decorative church light fittings in a wide range of materials and styles. Medieval style wrought iron light fittings for older churches, maybe more rustic lighting for small country churches right up to elaborate crystal chandeliers for more formal church buildings - just contact us here at Bespoke Lights whether you need a single light fitting or a complete re-vamp.

Church lighting should be versatile and adaptable to cater for the many events and services that now take place in our churches. Many older churches have little natural daylight and church buildings often have really high ceilings so light struggles to reach the areas where it is needed and simply changing bulbs can be a major undertaking. Lighting has improved greatly in recent years and by choosing light fittings that are easy maintenance with low running cost you can have an effective and economical lighting scheme. Selecting light fittings that use low energy or LED bulbs will significantly reduce costs and many of these bulbs can be incorporated into existing light fittings. Even if you do nothing else, replacing the bulbs in your existing fittings to low energy LED's will reduce your energy bills and help the environment. By adding dimmer switches and lighting controls you can take charge of the light levels to ensure you only have the lights on that you need.

Many churches are floodlit at night and this is an effective and attractive way to highlight these beautiful buildings. We would, however, recommend you consider issues such as light pollution and the effect on your neighbours by limiting the length of time they remain lit.

Help your church or place of worship stand out as a centre in your community by making the right lighting choices. Bespoke Lights are here to help so if you have any problems please get in touch.