Guide to Lumens

Shedding Light on Lumens

There have been a lot of changes in recent years with the phasing out of the traditional old fashioned light bulbs and the introduction of a whole host of new energy efficient light bulbs. We have all been used to referring to the wattage of bulbs as a way of judging how bright a bulb will be, but this is not in fact correct. Watts actually measure the amount of power or electricity a bulb uses and not how bright it is. Although it can be a little confusing at first, lumens is a more accurate measure of the brightness of bulbs and the more lumens in a bulb the brighter it will be. So instead of referring to watts any more, we now need to measure and compare light in terms of lumens. The conversion chart below should help ensure you choose the correct light bulb and level of light you need. 

PLEASE NOTE: not all light bulb manufacturers are the same. For instance a 3 watt LED bulb from one manufacturer may provide more light (lumens) than one from another manufacturer. Bespoke Lights guides are based on a general rule of thumb that 1 watt will give approx 10 lumens of light. We recommend that you check the packaging of the bulbs you are looking to buy as they should give you information you need to determine how bright each bulb will be. Here at Bespoke Lights we are happy to answer questions related to lumen levels of any light bulbs that we supply, but regret we cannot advise on other lighting companies products.