Nearly everyone has at least one small room in their home, but the good news is that Bespoke Lights have plenty or lighting tips and tricks that can help make the smallest of rooms look larger and more spacious. Dark badly lit rooms appear smaller than they really are but with the clever use of lighting you can eliminate all the dark corners and make the room seem bigger.


Make the Most of any Natural Light Take advantage of any natural daylight as this will immediately make your room seem less claustrophobic. If you can avoid using curtains and drapes this will create a more open less cluttered feel – if you need a little privacy consider a lightweight voile mesh curtain that can be simply tied back when not in use. No discussion of lighting in smaller spaces should omit the mention of mirrors. Mirrors will reflect and make the most of any existing light and can immediately give the illusion of space in smaller rooms.

Keep It Simple Create an illusion of space by keeping everything in proportion. Avoid using heavy, bulky, solid furniture and try to leave some space between your furniture and the walls to create a feeling of openness. Go for furniture that allows the air to flow over, around and under it – think mid-century or modern pieces that are low and leggy. Don’t overstuff your room with too much furniture or clutter as a simple open look will give the impression of more space. Keep decorating simple. White has great reflective qualities and painting the walls and ceiling white will blur the boundaries and make the room seem taller – this is why designers love using it so much. There are many shades of white and you don’t have to go for stark white to achieve this effect. If you simply have to have bold wallpaper just have it on one accent wall.

Draw the Eye Up A simple trick to make a room seem bigger is to raise the eye upwards. By creating a vertical path of vision you are more likely to look upwards which will make the space seem larger. To achieve this effect use tall standard lamps or uplighter floor lamps which bounce the light off the ceiling and back into the room – they do not take up much valuable floor space either. Using wall washer or uplighter wall lights slightly higher up so they wash the walls with pools of light will instantly draw the eye upwards taking the focus away from the width of the room.

Tiffany Uplighter Floor Lamp

Tiffany Uplighter Floor Lamp

Recessed Lighting and Spotlights Recessed lights have many advantages in small rooms. They provide a sleek low profile look that is visually appealing whilst providing a good even spread of light without taking up any space at all. They are not expensive to buy and by choosing low energy or LED versions you will also save money on the running costs too. Spotlights are another popular space saving choice useful for lighting any dark corners or to highlight features in the room.

Hanging Lights and Pendants Try to avoid having a single central hanging light as this will simply pool the light in one spot leaving you with darker corners. Hanging pendant lights are, however, brilliant for lighting above small dining room tables or kitchen islands as they are not taking up valuable space and will add some personality to the room. They also capitalise on the previous idea of drawing the eye upwards. Hang a pendant light in a dark corner of a room and you will instantly lift the area.

Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Lighting in small spaces is all about trying to achieve a balance between too much and too little light and by selecting light fittings that do not overwhelm the room.

Hope this has been helpful to you, feel free to share.