In this blog we will be taking a look at our Kensington Tiffany Collection. This lighting collection showcases quality hand crafted Tiffany lighting and takes its inspiration from the works of Louis Comfort Tiffany.

The Beginning of Tiffany Lighting

Louis Comfort Tiffany was the son of well know American jeweller Charles Lewis Tiffany. With this background in the decorative arts Louis began making stained glass windows and founded the world-renowned Tiffany Glass Company. The first Tiffany lamp dates from around 1895 and was made from the left-over pieces of glass remaining from the manufacture of his leaded, stained glass windows.  And the rest, as they say, is history. Tiffany lamps went on to become highly collectable and whilst over the ensuing years lighting fashions have come and gone the popularity of Tiffany lighting has remained constant.

The Acorn table lamp shown above was made by the Tiffany Glass Company in New York in 1895 and is now in the Bennington Museum in Vermont, USA.

How are our Tiffany Lamps Made?

Continuing in the Tiffany tradition, all the Tiffany lighting on offer in our Kensington Collection is hand crafted in much the same way as the original lamps. This is a complex and time-consuming process that ensures that each lamp is a unique work of art.

Each Tiffany shade starts out as an artist’s drawing and then a prototype is made – this is usually a plaster impression which forms the ‘mould’ used to lay out the glass during the making of the shade. The glass itself is also hand crafted by mixing glass colours whilst still molten –  this means that each panel of glass has variations in both colour and texture. The glass pieces are then hand cut into the correct shapes and the edges wrapped in copper foil before being placed in the plaster mould. At each stage the glass is carefully soldered into place before work starts on the next section. Once the shade is completed it is removed from the mould and checked before the external joints are soldered to give added strength and a dark patina is added to the solder to finish the shade.

The original Tiffany lamps were usually made with cast metal or cast brass bases but most of the reproduction Tiffany lamps available today are made with resin bases. These are less expensive to produce but still extremely realistic, looking much like the dark antique bronze metal bases and incorporating many of the original decorative features.

The Tiffany lighting in our Kensington Collection is available in a range of different styles and colour combinations and includes a selection of Tiffany ceiling lights, wall lights, table and floor lamps. So, let’s have a look at some of the options in a little more detail.

Art Nouveau Tiffany Lighting

The Art Nouveau style dates from the later years of Queen Victoria’s reign onwards. This is about the same time that Louis Comfort Tiffany made his first stained glass lamp in the USA and it is, therefore, no surprise that many of the original American Tiffany lamps were made in this Art Nouveau style. It is a graceful style typified by beautiful natural free flowing designs inspired by the natural world. Flowers, foliage, insects and birds are combined together to create this relaxed look that is surprisingly easy to place in both traditional and modern interiors.


The Ashton range shown above is in a typical Art Nouveau style featuring an exquisite botanical design with pink lily like trumpet flowers with blue and green dragonflies on a background of creamy gold. The dragonfly is commonly used on many Tiffany shades and the wings are always picked out in delicate fretwork and the eyes highlighted with glass beads. This range includes a choice of ceiling lights with matching table lamps and wall light – browse all the Ashton Tiffany lights.


The two Hector lights above are a colourful take on Art Nouveau and are named in honour of Hector Guimard, a French architect, best known for his interpretation of the French Art Nouveau style in the late 19th and early 20th century. He designed many of the entrances to the Paris Metro, now regarded as major works from the Art Nouveau period. These lamps, inspired by his work, are in a rich array of coloured art glass in gold, amber, green and red in a flowing pattern on a milky white background.  These stunning lights as with all Tiffany lights look good even when not lit but really come to life when they are illuminated and all the colours are shown to full effect.


The Jamelia Tiffany range uses soft organic colours for a less flamboyant look. Still exhibiting the same graceful flowing lines but in a subtle pattern with green leaves and amber jewelled flowers and buds all on a neutral cream coloured background. The shade is finishes with a scalloped edge border in emerald green. Explore all the Tiffany lights in this charming range.

Mackintosh Tiffany Lighting

These Tiffany lights pay homage to the talented Scottish designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh who was hugely influential in the Art Nouveau movement. Mackintosh’s designs took a more stylised approach and most feature the iconic rose motif that he is probably best remembered for.




The Willow range from our Kensington Tiffany Collection has soft muted colours in the classic Mackintosh style. It features the stylish rose pattern in subtle shades of pink with a blend of green, blue and brown detailing on a pale amber background. These neutral colours work well in traditional settings. Check out the full range of Willow Tiffany lighting on offer from Bespoke Lights.






The appropriately named Mackintosh range is a lovely collection of Tiffany light fittings with a border of plum coloured stylised roses on a flowing cream background. With its slightly more contemporary look these lights are fresh enough for modern interiors as well as being perfectly at home in any traditional Art and Crafts interiors.

Art Deco Tiffany Lighting

Striking designs that combine strong Art Deco forms with modern elements. Hugely stylish with sleek lines and bold shapes. This style was all the rage during the 1920’s and 1930’s and still remains popular today.


The  Brooklyn range of Tiffany lights are hand crafted light fittings featuring high quality Art glass. These exclusive design lights are in a classic Art Deco style combining sleek lines with textured glass in neutral brown and silver on an amber cream background. The modern elements combine well with the strong Art Deco form allowing the Brooklyn range to sit comfortably in both modern and traditional 1920’s and 1930’s interiors. A selection of lights from this range are shown above and you can explore the rest of the collection on-line


The Dark Star range from our Kensington Tiffany Collection is one of our best selling ranges of Art Deco light fittings. These lights feature quality hand crafted shades in a symbolic Art Deco design featuring a dramatic star pattern depicted in iridescent black on a background of pearly creams. When lit the star patterns replicates the blue and green rainbow colours that form on oil spills. The task table and floor lamps, shown on the right above, are recent additions to the range. Explore the rest of the popular Dark Star collection in more detail.


Another of our best selling ranges, the Fargo lights are a comprehensive collection that include the great selection of ceiling lights shown here plus matching table lamps, a floor lamp and wall light. This is a quality range of lights made using the finest Tiffany glass and is in a typically elegant Art Deco style with clean lines and subtle colours. The shades are largely in iridescent white, which has a mother of pearl effect when lit, teamed with a patterned border featuring clear diamonds set in an amber gold background. Stunning but not overpowering. Check out the whole range of Fargo Tiffany lights on offer at Bespoke Lights


Geometric Pattern Tiffany Lights

Creative designs with a more formal approach incorporating traditional and non-traditional elements using Tiffany techniques. Most are in neutral colours with a simple repeating geometric pattern. Less flamboyant and often easier to place.


The Mille Feux collection of Tiffany lights is a classic, more formal range of Tiffany lighting ideally suited to traditional homes. In warm cream with a repeating pattern incorporating clear and amber beads, these neutral coloured lamps will work with most other colours and as one would expect from our Kensington Collection they are hand crafted lights of exceptional quality.


In complete contrast is the Mission range which gives a clean, contemporary look to Tiffany lighting. A bold, angular range in a geometric, Art Deco pattern with a strong rectangular theme. Depicted in white art glass with clear and green highlights. Undoubtedly one for the modern Art Deco connoisseur.

Traditional and Classic Tiffany Lighting

These lights combine natural elements that include butterflies, dragonflies and flowers in a whole range of different colour options. Hand made using high quality American art glass.


The Butterfly range includes a good choice of ceiling lights with matching table lamps and a floor lamp. A classic collection that features radiant butterflies flitting in-between a vibrant display of colourful flowers. A charming natural scene depicted in art glass and hand crafted using traditional techniques. The slight variation in colour and texture of the glass makes each light unique. Teamed with dark bronze fittings which further enhances the traditional appearance of these beautiful lights. Browse all the Tiffany lights in Butterfly range.


This is a truly beautiful range of Tiffany light fittings with classic floral pattern art glass shades. The Ashtead shades feature a border of flowers in mottled autumnal colours with clear beads on a background of creamy amber. Each shade is painstakingly hand crafted in fine quality Tiffany art glass using traditional techniques. These unique lights provide a stunning lighting effect in period homes. As original Tiffany lighting dates from the 1890’s, this style of lighting is very much in keeping with Victorian and Edwardian interiors. You can check out all the Ashtead Tiffany lights on-line at Bespoke Lights.

Tiffany Studio Collection

This collection features outstanding reproductions of some of the best loved Tiffany designs. Manufactured in the finest luxurious art glass and faithfully adhering to the original designs they are definitely the jewel in crown of our Kensington Tiffany Collection. They include some of the most intricate and beautiful designs that take many hours of painstaking work to complete.

The charming  table lamps, shown above, from our Kensington Tiffany Collection, all feature the iconic dragonfly pattern that is so commonly associated with original Tiffany lamps. This signature range includes matching ceiling lights, wall lights, table and floor lamps in all of the colours shown. The beautiful shades have dragonflies surrounding the scalloped edges with the wings outlined in delicate fretwork and the eyes highlighted with coloured beads These are some of the most detailed Tiffany shades painstakingly hand crafted in fine quality glass. They all have decorative dark bronze finish bases, some inset with Tiffany glass. Another sign of the quality of these Tiffany lamps are the metal chain light pulls which allow you to control the light level by choosing the number of bulbs you light. You may not be able to afford an original Tiffany lamp but this is surely the next best thing.



A sumptuous, floral bouquet of colour sums up the delightful Sullivan range. Classic traditional Tiffany lighting that incorporates elements of Art Nouveau. Perfectly suited to period Victorian and Edwardian interiors. 

How to Look After Tiffany Lights

You will notice that when you first receive your Tiffany light it will have a thin covering of waxy oil. Do not be alarmed, this quite normal and can easily be removed. Simply use warm water with a little washing up liquid added and wipe over carefully with a damp cloth. Dry off with a soft clean cloth to reveal the shade in all its beauty.

Tiffany shades need no special cleaning, simply dust weekly. If you notice a build up of dust wipe over with a damp cloth to restore it to its former glory. Never use any chemical or abrasive cleaners as these will damage the glass.

Few Final Thoughts from Bespoke Lights

  • We would recommend using clear bulbs with all Tiffany shades as this will ensure the colours are illuminated to best effect.
  •  Unless you are an avid collector, the trick with Tiffany lights is not to overdo things – just select maybe on or two choice pieces that co-ordinate with your colour scheme.
  • Prices will vary depending on the quality and complexity of workmanship. We have a huge selection of Tiffany lights available and have only managed to show you a small selection here.  Please contact us at Bespoke Lights if you cannot find what you are looking for.
  • Above all enjoy having beautiful Tiffany lights in your home






Hope this has been helpful to you, feel free to share.