Our Jaipur Lighting Collection features a selection of handcrafted ceiling pendants, table lamps and light shades made in India. These light fittings champion the local artisan techniques of small-scale producers located across India. No two lights are exactly the same – each one represents the work of an individual craftsman and the minor differences give an authentic ethnic character to the lights.




India is a vast country with a rich history and powerful tradition. Indian design is, for the most part, bold with exotic influences and, although complex, is still a harmonious mix of textures, patterns and designs. Jaipur, known as the Pink City, is the historical capital of the state of Rajasthan and is a colourful mix of bustling streets, heady sights, sounds and aromas – a real taste of ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’. This characterful and decorative Jaipur Lighting Collection captures some of this magic, evoking the feel of another world. The lights are perfect for both commercial and residential applications.

Hand Crafted Metal Light Fittings

Over the centuries, metalwork techniques have become essential skills within communities throughout India. Originally used to create simple tools and kitchen pots, these skills have developed over the last 5,000 years to produce decorative fretwork and hammered metal finishes that can be used to adorn many objects.


Available in a choice of finishes, the Runa pendants (shown above) have beaten metal shades with an attractive hammered finish. A surprisingly neat, elegant look for lighting over kitchen islands, breakfast bars and tables, or for hospitality lighting in restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Use individually or in groups of 2, 3 or more for lighting larger spaces. The lights are suspended on black braided cables which can be shortened when fitting.


Hand crafted, wide brimmed over table lights in a classic dome shape. Choose from soft matt white or a more dramatic black painted finish. Both the Neve pendants (above) have contrasting hammered copper inside to reflect the light giving a warm inviting glow. Wonderful atmospheric lighting


These three table lamps (above) are unmistakably Asian in design. Lantern style lamps that combine the use of beaten metal with pierced fretwork and hand punched detailing. Each one is painstakingly crafted into an intricate pattern and they are all lit from within creating wonderfully evocative lighting effects. Perfect for Indian or Oriental themed interiors. All these lamps are double insulated and have on/off rocker switches on the cables for ease of use. To read more about any of these lights simply click on the pictures.


The Javier ceiling pendant and table lamp both exhibit characteristics of Mogul design. In a polished nickel finish they have a wonderful textural pattern made by hand beating and hammering the metal. The ceiling pendant is supplied with black braid cable and the table lamp comes complete with the faux silk shade shown.


The Wazir ceiling pendant, shown above left, includes a dark grey aluminium shade teamed with a natural mango wood cap. A sleek pendant with a retro vibe and an attractive relief pattern. It has a reflective silver lining which directs the light in a downward direction.

The Tuba pendant, shown above right, is another ceiling light in aluminium but this time with a natural finish. A stylish fitting with a ribbed shade that exhibits elements of industrial and nautical design. The shade on this pendant can be angled and secured in plate using the wing nuts much like a theatrical spotlight.


A selection of very different classic table lamps from our Jaipur Collection.

The Sibilla pineapple design lamps, shown above left, are hand crafted and cast in aluminium. The exotic pineapple was, and still is, used as a symbol of friendship and welcome and frequently used on decorative objects. Pineapples are grown and widely used throughout India for cooking. These lamps are supplied complete with the shades and are shown here in the antique gold finish. They are also available in a nickel finish.

The Edvard table lamp, in the centre above, is a fine example of the hand crafted workmanship that our Jaipur Collection showcases. The sculptured metal base has attractive patterning in a bronze finish and the lamp is supplied with the shade  shown.

On the right above, is the beautiful hand decorated Silvana table lamp. This candlestick style lamp is sure to add a touch of oriental elegance with its antique cream metal base decorated with gold swags and foliage. It is teamed with a pleated faux silk taupe shade. 


The opulent Sosha table lights, shown above, are available in either a gold or nickel finish and feature wound metal wire cages sat on small round feet. These semi-transparent lights are lit from within to give interesting lighting effects. Great for accent lighting in living spaces.

Lights Made Using Sustainable Mango Wood

Mango wood is a by-product of India’s thriving fruit industry. The trees reach a height of 24 to 30 metres in just 15 years. At this point they are too tall to harvest and are felled for timber. The wood is densely grained, durable and uniquely smooth to the touch. Sustainable lathe-turned mango wood is used to decorate many of the lights throughout this collection.


The Tygo ceiling pendants shown above combine a mix of retro and Indian design elements and offer real mango wood detailing to the painted metal shades. In a lovely mix of pastel colours they make great lights for over dining tales and kitchen islands. All three versions are suspended on grey braided cables and with a maximum drop of 1 metre they can cater for most ceiling heights.



The large, oversized Vadna ceiling pendant is a wonderful hand crafted artisan fitting using metal embellished with mango wood. Perfect for a casual lighting look over farmhouse kitchen tables or for an informal ambience in cafes and coffee shops. The metal shade is grey on the outside with a white inner to reflect the light in a downward direction and is supported on a grey braided cable.





The striking Amiel pendant, shown above left, is hand crafted using traditional metalwork methods teamed with a mango wood cowl. Available in choice of finishes – it is shown here in aged gold with a lighter inner to reflect the light and has a black braided cable. With minimalist charm and a clean cut, almost Scandinavian, appearance these pendants are excellent for both home and contract lighting applications. 

Simple, minimalist elegance sums up the sublime Ziva bare bulb pendant light shown in the centre above. Proudly hand crafted in India using turned mango wood it is not only bang on trend but is very reasonably priced too. For a unique and individual look arrange a group of these pendants together at different heights. Add some vintage LED filament bulbs and job is done.

The aptly named Mumbai one light ceiling pendant, on the right, uses clear glass and wood to great effect. The hand made bell glass shade is teamed with whitewashed mango wood and grey braided cable to give a chic look. As the bulb is very much on show we would recommend teaming with a good looking vintage LED bulb.



The large Aphra ceiling pendant, shown above left, is a retro style ceiling light with an authentic vintage feel. Shown here in the dark grey gloss finish with natural mango wood detailing and grey braided cable. Other options are available.

Shown above right, is another retro style ceiling pendant with a hand crafted metal shade and mango wood detail. The Vimbai is hand crafted in antique zinc and supported on a grey braided cable.




This exquisite Rudyard table lamp is a fine example of the artisan craftsmanship from our Jaipur Collection. A classic urn shaped wooden lamp with a natural waxed finish. Easy to place in traditional interiors and supplied complete with the white faux silk shade shown. 





Mouth Blown and Hand Cut Glass Lights

India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the manufacture of glass in all its forms is thriving. In addition to the larger scale glass manufacturers there are numerous small scale ‘cottage style’ producers of decorative glassware, and lamps. These cottage industries offer a rare level of artistry led by talented mouth blown and hand cut glass craftsmen. Let’s take a look at some of the Indian made glass lighting and lamps on offer in our Jaipur Collection


The delightful Zecchino ceiling pendant and matching table lamp (shown above) are hand crafted in glass with an attractive criss cross diamond pattern. Simply designed with just the right amount of textural interest. They are easy to place in modern or traditional interiors. The pendant has a black braid cable which can be shortened when fitting and the table lamp is supplied with the neutral white linen drum shade shown.



A trio of glass ceiling pendants that showcase the workmanship and skill of the Indian glass makers.

The large Pechara glass pendant (left above) has a lovely dimpled glass shade on a nickel fitting with silver braided cable. An excellent choice for lighting over tables and kitchen islands.

Shown in the centre is the pretty Nitaya glass bell ceiling pendant with its delicate floral pattern. Supported on a matt nickel ceiling rose with a matching matt nickel lamp holder and a black braided cable.

On the right is the smart classic dome shaped Yambol pendant. An easy,uncomplicated style that works well in traditional and contemporary interiors. The ribbed glass shade provides textural interest and it is teamed with polished nickel detailing and a black braid cable.



This exotic multi-sided ceiling pendant is a real star performer. It has clear glass panels outlined with an antique brass frame creating a magical atmosphere. The Ilario star pendants are available in two sizes – the larger one is featured here. It has a secret hinged door that makes changing the bulb easy and straightforward.  Suitable for many locations around the home and for hospitality lighting applications too.





The Oziel inverted lantern style ceiling light is a real jewel in the crown with its delightful pineapple pattern glass shade. It makes a lovely hall lantern where it will provide a warm inviting glow to greet and welcome any visitors. This short pendant is supported on an antique brass fitting and the chains can be shortened further so it fits in a more semi-flush mode for lower height ceilings.



The last featured glass lights from our Jaipur Collection are the two cluster pendants shown above. These modern pendants bring a creative energy to contemporary and minimalist interiors.

The Rouen cluster, shown on the left, has clear glass globe shades topped with industrial black caps. Each pedant is suspended on a black braid cable from the circular black ceiling rose. Our image here shows the shades hanging in a cluster held in place with a retaining ring, but this versatile pendant is also supplied with 5 ceiling hooks. This will allow the pendants to be hooked up away from the ceiling rose in any configuration of your choosing. Not only does this give a greater spread of light but is also extremely useful if your light does not hang exactly where you want it.

On the right is the charming Lashira cluster of 5 ceiling pendants. Here the pendants are suspended at different heights with a lovely mix of glass shades and polished brass detailing. Each shade is a different shape and features either a textured or cut glass pattern expertly showcasing the skill of the Indian glass makers. A slender group of pendants that will add some sparkle and height in smaller spaces.

The majority of the glass lights in the Jaipur Collection have clear or semi-transparent glass which will allow the bulbs to be seen within the fittings. As the bulbs are very much on show we would recommend selecting vintage filament bulbs to complete the look. Gone are the days when light bulbs were hidden at all costs – today there is a great range of decorative LED bulbs that are definitely designed to be seen. To view our decorative and vintage light bulbs simply click on the link below


Alternatively, read our blog for inspirational ideas on how to use these amazing bulbs.


Tea Caddy Table Lamps

Tea was introduced into England in the middle of the 17th century and was treated with the utmost reverence. Time was taken over the preparation and serving of the tea. It was thought to be therapeutic and was most certainly expensive at that time. To keep it safe is would be stored in a lockable tea chest or box. These containers became known as tea caddies, a term derived from the Malay work ‘kati’ which was the unit of weight by which the tea was sold. Tea caddies became important fashionable accessories and were made in a huge variety of styles and materials. As tea became more affordable the demand for tea caddies increased and it was not until the late 1800’s, when tea could be bought pre-packed, that demand for them declined.

Today India is the second largest producer of tea in the world and the largest consumer with over 70% of its production being consumed within India. A number of renowned and sought after teas are produced in India – notably Darjeeling and Assam. With India being such a tea drinking nation it will come as no surprise that they have an equally impressive history of tea caddy production. Our Jaipur Collection includes a charming collection of tea caddy table lamps inspired by the decorative Indian tea caddies of the past.


Although the two Ayaan tea caddy table lamps shown here have the same base they appear totally different due to the decoration. One has a gold background with charming hand decorated floral pattern whilst the other one has a black background with a more formal design depicted in gold. Both lamps are supplied with taupe, faux silk, pleated shades.



Tea caddies were nearly always beautifully decorated and our Gideon table lamp is no exception being intricately hand finished in cream on an olive brown background. A grand lamp for a traditional living room. It is teamed with the taupe, faux silk, pleated shade and has an in-line on/off rocker switch on the cable and is double insulated.






Our final two tea caddy lamps are decorated in a more formal geometric style. The Hiram table lamps are available in navy with white decoration or red with a gold pattern. Both are supplied with the ecru, faux silk shades shown. Perfect for adding a formal touch of grandeur in traditional interiors.

We hope you have enjoyed browsing some of the hand made Indian light fittings from our Jaipur Collection. Each light in the Collection has been lovingly made and offers a wonderful authentic feel which should become a much cherished item that you can treasure for years to come.

If you would like to view more of the wonderful lights in our Jaipur Collection simply click here or on the link below


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