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Luxury hotels need to surpass guest expectations on all levels. Today’s guests have higher expectations and the growth of boutique hotels and serviced apartments is challenging the established way of things. In the past the most expensive looking large chandeliers brimming with bling and sparkle were considered to be enough to convey the luxurious look and all that was needed to impress the impressionable. Times have changed, we need to do more to create a lasting memory. Interiors should now have more impact and incorporate design elements that not only captivate us instantly but continue to delight us throughout our stay. Whilst first impressions do still count these initial good vibes should be be reinforced by ensuring that all areas of the hotel are decorated and lit to consistently high standards.

Interior design (which includes lighting) has always been an area where luxury hotels strive for the upper hand against the budget brands. We are seeing a move away from the corporate image with more focus on individuality. Dare we say it, trends are now playing a part too – things need to change more often to stay relevant and engaging for guests. A chain of hotels at the luxury end of the market would never have the same decor and lighting in all of their hotels –  this is now seen as the domain of the budget brands! Each luxury hotel within the group should be celebrated for being unique whilst still attracting loyal brand customers who have come to expect the same high standards whether they are in London, Paris or New York. Hotels should be part of experience and visually challenging to the senses – imaging jetting off from Hotel A at Heathrow and arriving at Hotel B in the Bahamas and everything looks identical. Not very exciting for your guests!

Not for one minute are we saying ditch the branding. Not at all, the brand logo, the standards, the professionalism of staff – this must all be in place and consistently high and representative across the brand. Whilst guests enjoy the familiarity of your brand and hopefully become loyal to that brand they’d ideally like to see something engaging and new from different locations. Hotel interiors should be unique with the decor reflecting the location, the culture and the history of the area. ‘Peacock-ing’ according to Alex Polizzi. Love it or loathe it there is no getting around it, you will be judged by the standard decor in the bar, restaurant, guest rooms, corridor and so on. Larger hotel groups will have dedicated teams to design for them but smaller luxury hotels may not. No matter who the creative people are within the organisation, the process of inspiration needs to start somewhere!

If you are looking for inspiration for a planned refurbishment of a restaurant or bar within your hotel group, let us enlighten you! We’ll share some of the lighting styles we see emerging in the hospitality sector. If you have the confidence and flair to create your own unique decor and inspirational lighting that’s fine but if not take a look at some of our ideas in the images below.

Top 3 emerging trends for bar and restaurant lighting are Curated, Industrial and Quirky!

Curated – Think objects, housed in glass cabinets. Everything should be of the salvaged variety. Follow the theme through and have lighting in boxes too. Here’s a flavour of the curated style. The key to this look is to focus on objects that have the look of a collection of finds from far away places.

A row of small pendant lights.

A visual Treat .

Glass Domes.

Showcase your wares.


Keep it Cool, lighting at a lower level, ensure you use LED or Low energy bulbs which are cool to the touch.

Restaurant Lighting

Bespoke Edison Light Box .
Image by kind permission Kings Arms Hotel -Sidmouth.

Industrial – Think factory lights, industrial pendants, caged lights, wooden packing cases and pallets. Use Edison vintage style bulbs, inspection or work lamps and warehouse style lights. If you are looking for lighting for cafes, bars, restaurants but can’t find the right lights for your chosen theme then speak to experts at Bespoke Lights.

Light Fitting

Reminiscent of vintage valves -we love this fitting in an industrial themed decor.

Inspiration industrial decor.

This is the colour pallet for industrial themes.

Edision Light Bulb

Celebrate how light has been instrumental in shaping our world.

Edison Light Bulbs

Feature Wall Lighting. Perfect for and Industrial Theme- coming soon!

Angled Wall Light Industrial theme.

Light Objects and Menu’s

Quirky – Choosing items that made your guests and clients think ‘Why!!?’ This is sure to make a memorable statement. Taxidermy is not everyone’s cup of tea but it can work well in bar areas. The key to quirky, is providing something different – a conversation piece that stimulates, showing you are leaders in design not followers. We love the feature walls below which combine great lights are with a quirky look!

Painted on a blackboard this guide could be your silent sommelier.

Painted on a blackboard this guide could be your silent sommelier.

Buy Slope Pendant from LightingCompany.Co.UK

Wow! Speak to Bespoke Lights for further information on this project

Create A vibe

Unique Bottle lights.


Inspiration for interiors.

Create a talking point.

At Bespoke Lights we work along side designers to help the source the light fittings required for each project. If it can’t be sourced from our extensive range of commercial and hospitality lighting products already on offer, we can have it made especially for your project. We know that being unique is key to standing out from the crowd and engaging your guests. Simply contact us if you wish to discuss you next planned project, we’ll be happy to help. We are sure you’ll find out why our expert knowledge of the lighting industry has made us an obvious choice for interior designers, electrical contractors, architects and specifiers alike.

We at Bespoke Lights are the specialist division of The Lighting Company, established in 1988. We have built a huge network of manufacturing partners, from small Artisan producers to huge multi national partner brands that span the globe allowing us to bring you the best quality lighting at affordable prices. We believe we offer the most unique and engaging lights that are simply perfect for the hospitality sector. Working closely with our clients we can source, customise or make all the lighting required for a project so you are simply dealing with one trusted supplier – Bespoke Lights! With a huge skill base, we can provide lighting installations made in corporate colours or replicate antique style lights for churches as well as offering themed lighting for hotels, bars and restaurants

Hope this has been helpful to you, feel free to share.