How to Select the Perfect Ceiling Light?


Light fittings are important in any room and choosing the perfect ceiling light will not only give you the light you want but will also set the mood and compliment your decorations and furnishings. Many people are understandably nervous selecting lights on-line without being able to see them, or are just not sure what to choose. We hope the following tips and suggestions will make it easier for you.


How high is your ceiling? This may sound obvious but if you have high ceilings you will need longer drop ceiling lights and if you have a lower height ceiling you will need lights that fit closer to the ceiling. As a first step measure the height of your ceiling to decide the type of ceiling light you need.

If your ceilings are above 8 foot you can have hanging ceiling lights. Most of our hanging ceiling lights can be adjusted when fitting by removing links from the chain and if you have really high or double height ceilings we can provide longer chain for many of our light fittings.

For ceiling heights lower than 8 foot then you will need to consider a semi-flush ceiling light.

For ceiling heights below 7 foot 6 inches then you will need to select a flush fitting ceiling light.

As a general rule of thumb ceiling lights in sitting rooms, bedrooms and hallways should be hung approximately 7 feet above floor level. This is only a basic guideline – it is your room, so hang the light fitting at a height you are comfortable with. Ceiling lights will look larger when they are hung lower and smaller if they are hung higher. If you have a double height ceiling over 2 floors the lights should ideally not hang below the second floor. If you are hanging your light higher to compensate for the two story setting, you may wish to consider adding a couple of inches to the diameter of the fitting you choose to ensure it does not look too small.

Bespoke Lights have arranged their ceiling lights so you can choose from ceiling hanging lights, semi-flush ceiling lights or flush fitting ceiling lights to help narrow down your choices.


The beautiful West End flush fitting Tiffany ceiling light shown above fits close to the ceiling with a drop of just 15.2cms. Who said lights for low ceilings were boring? Dual mount ceiling lights are versatile light fittings that can cater for a variety of ceiling heights. The Olivia traditional 3 light black gold chandelier above can be used as a hanging light for taller ceilings or converted to semi-flush mode for low to average height ceilings.

What size ceiling light should I choose? This may also sound obvious but larger rooms will need bigger light fittings and more light – check out our previous blog to help you decide the amount of light you need in the room. If you have a large room that is roughly square the obvious choice would be one large ceiling light. On the other hand if you have a rectangular shaped room or two main rooms that have been joined you may need two ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights come in a vast array of sizes and it can be difficult to visualise how big or small they are from just looking at the measurements on-line. A ceiling light is generally one of the focal points in a room so don’t choose a light that is too small. The following is a simple basic formula to finding the right diameter light. Measure your room in feet and add both dimensions together to give you the diameter of light fitting you will need. For example if your room is 12 foot by 14 foot you would add 12+14 which equals 26 – you would need a ceiling light with a diameter of approximately 26”.

Another useful tip is to try making a ‘mock up light’ out of a cardboard box – simply cut to the required diameter and ask someone to hold in position to see what it looks like. This may sound silly but it does help! 

Bespoke Lights in Hallway

Bespoke Light looks fantastic in this grand hallway.

Before shot of hallway before the addition of a Bespoke Lights

The before shot.
Creative use of garden cane help Mrs D decide if the size of her Bespoke light was going to work!


Ceiling lights are often the centrepiece in a room and you should try to find lights that complement your style and colour scheme. What is the feel of your room? Do you want a luxurious feel or a more contemporary urban look? Try to select ceiling lights that are in keeping with the style and age of your home. Lighting fashions come and go but a carefully chosen ceiling light that blends well with your home will last for many years to come without going out of date. There are so many metal and colour finishes to choose from but often this can be made easier if you match with door handles, switches, curtain rails etc. Otherwise colour schemes from the cooler colour spectrum suit chrome, nickel or silver fittings whilst warmer colours are best teamed with brass, gold, bronze or antique finishes. If you have big items of furniture, such as a large dining table, a substantial chandelier style ceiling light fitting will make the room seem more balanced. Try to co-ordinate the other light fittings in the room so they complement your ceiling lights. Many of our ceiling lights have matching wall sconces and lamps to make this easier.


What is your budget? Ceiling lights can cost anything from around £15 for a basic recessed downlight up to thousands of pounds for a top notch crystal chandelier. Quality ceiling lights will last for many years, so the basic advice is don’t skimp on your ceiling lights – get is right and not only will they enhance your room but they will stand the test of time. Good quality crystal chandeliers will hold their price and often increase in value as they get older. Bespoke Lights stock a huge range of quality British made ceiling lights at very affordable prices.

Hope this has been helpful to you, feel free to share.