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Chandeliers considered the gem of ceiling lights are often decked with crystal droplets and cut glass however there are many more styles that you may imagine. Any candelabra style light can be described as a chandelier these are a good choice for modern rustic new bespoke homes or homes in medieval styles.


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Chandelier lights are not only suited to a vast range of homes and indeed hospitality sectors too, but also many rooms within the home. There are chandelier styles for bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways and lounges. Chandeliers were always popular inn period homes but recent changes in the way we live has seem the chandelier become desirable in other rooms. 

Whilst chandeliers were originally kept for the best rooms in the home, todays homeowners may consider the kitchen to be the entertaining space. This has led to a trend of using chandeliers in kitchens above large islands or tables. This makes a great statement in a large kitchen and gives the added benefit of providing lots of light more light bulbs ensure the rooms are flooded with light.