Translucent lighting provides a clean, uncluttered look where nothing is hidden. You are able to see through and beyond to view what is all around you with no barrier. This is not a new idea when it comes to lighting in the home but with the recent introduction of more attractive vintage light bulbs, this is one of the emerging trends in both lighting and interior design. In this blog we will be taking a look at both translucent see through lighting and some of the latest amazing LED light bulbs.

Forecasting design and consumer trends is big business with experts predicting what will be popular in the world of fashion and interiors for up to 2, 3 or even 4 years ahead. They are quite specific about colour, pattern, shape and materials and, like it or not, they influence us all. For some years now, the trend has been to look backwards to mid-century styles from the 1940’s and 50’s. Both the images below show light fittings typical of this style and they are perfectly suited to the modern surroundings in which they have been use. These are more solid looking lights that are opaque and will need to have brighter bulbs to achieve a good light level.


The Danika pendants shown here are from our New York Lighting Collection. They are in an updated mid-century style using a modern mix of materials to add texture, depth and interest. A stylish look that takes mid-century to a new level with a versatile, asymmetrical arrangement of lights.




Another nostalgic interpretation of mid-century lighting. The Cirus drum pendant takes a simple white fabric shade and surrounds it with curved auburn stained wooden accents that mimics the wood paneling commonly used in 1950’s and 60’s interiors. Just spot on for this modern New York apartment.



Translucent, see through lighting is quite different. As with the mid-century style it still creates a statement, but with a diluted, barely-there appearance. Gone are the solid blocks of colour to be replaced by the simplicity of softer, ethereal colours. Delicately tinted but semi-transparent glass with more blurring at the edges – think of the spectacular Northern Lights with their dancing display of intermingling semi-transparent coloured lights. Texture, shape and colour all play a part giving us a translucent fluidity that naturally filters and reflects the light.

See through lights utilise the maximum amount of light that the bulbs can produce. For many years we have been encouraged to hide light bulbs inside our light fittings so they cannot be seen and, indeed, lights were designed and manufactured with this in mind – this was perfectly understandable as until recently light bulbs were not overly good looking. However, things are changing with the advent of more attractive vintage and filament bulbs that are definitely designed to be seen. With translucent lighting we are being persuaded to embrace the light bulbs as an intrinsic part of the fitting.

None of our light fittings illustrate this diluted transparent trend more perfectly than the lights from our Copenhagen Glass Collection.

The Rowan pendants, shown above, are a timeless collection of transparent coloured glass pendants that are available in a choice of sizes and colours. Designed using basic materials these lights allow the simple beauty of the mouth blown glass to speak for itself. These captivating pendants are manufactured in Belgium by a small company who specialise in functional decorative lighting in the classic Nordic style. Teamed with twisted braid cables for a vintage look, they work equally as well for both home and commercial lighting applications. Versatile pendants that can be displayed in a variety of ways. Wonderful for lighting over dining tables, kitchen islands at home or for atmospheric lighting in bars, cafes and restaurants. Mix and match the different colours and sizes and hang at varying height for a truly unique look.  The examples shown below illustrate some of the ways these delightful transparent glass pendants can be used.




Shown below is a further captivating selection of transparent lights from our Copenhagen Glass Collection. Simply click on the images if you would like more details.




The final selection from the Copenhagen Glass Collection is our latest introduction. Shown below, the colourful but low key Smykke range is sure to capture attention with its luxurious clear cut beauty.  Smykke means jewellery in Danish and it is not difficult to see how this collection was inspired by precious sparkly earrings. This range is sure to be winner.



Things have certainly come a long way for the humble light bulb and with the rise in popularity of transparent lighting we do need to think a little more carefully when selecting our bulbs. Taking things a stage further we now have exposed or bare bulb lighting where the bulb becomes, in effect, the light fitting itself. This may well take many people way outside their comfort zone – if you thought bare bulbs were only seen in factories and warehouses and definitely not for home lighting then think again!


Bespoke Lights have recently added a new range of decorative Calex LED bulbs that take lighting to a whole new level. These mesmerising statement bulbs have a timeless vintage elegance and can often be seen in restaurants and bars. A growing number of our customers are now appreciating the decorative lighting effects that can the achieved around the home with these eye catching filament bulbs. Whilst these bulbs are not cheap they do compare favourably with the cost of buying a light fitting.


Calex is a well respected Dutch brand known for their top quality lamps that offer a combination of style and function. All the bulbs shown here are very low energy LED in the warm white colour range which, when combined with the transparent tinted glass, gives an antique warmth and vintage old world charm that is hard to beat. Added to this, they are energy efficient, long lasting (15,000 hours estimated life) and can be used with a dimmer switch.




To read a little more about how to use bare bulb light fittings check out our previous blog ‘Bare Necessities – Exposed Bulb Light Fittings’. Just click on the link below.

If you have fallen in love with the beautiful lights from our Copenhagen Lighting Collection and want to see more simply click below.


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See Through Transparent Light Fittings
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See Through Transparent Light Fittings
Transparent, see through coloured glass ceiling pendants are one of the latest trend predictions. Creates a beautiful translucent lighting effect. Look great with vintage filament bulbs.
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