Our Heritage Lighting Collection features traditional character light fittings hand crafted here in the UK. From small beginnings in the docklands of the East End of London re-creating Victorian carriage lamps, this Collection has grown to include a large selection of indoor and outdoor lighting. All the lights are handmade, with the majority of the work now being carried out in West Sussex.

These lights are made by a skilled workforce who use traditional methods to replicate lighting from a 200 year period from the early 1700’s through to the 1930’s. All fittings are made in solid brass or solid brass and copper with the heavier parts being cast in sand. Each light is hand made to order and will have minor variations and a unique artisan quality and timeless elegance that sets it apart from inferior reproductions.

Often mistaken for costly originals, these lights are used extensively in historic listed buildings, providing an air of grandeur and style. With lights to suit almost any period property this collection should be the first port of call for discerning customers looking for lighting in keeping with their traditional homes or country cottages

The lights are offered in a choice of finishes

ANTIQUE FINISHES – these are our most popular finishes and you can choose from:-

  • Distressed – lights with this finish are specially treated and although they will arrive with a shiny look this will soon mellow with age. No special cleaning is needed and this finish is recommended for both interior and exterior use

The Empire wall light, shown here in the distressed antique finish, is a replica of an original Georgian cast wall sconce found in a Norfolk stately home.
  • Old Antique – this finish has a greyish bronze appearance and looks as if tarnished for decades. Suitable for indoor and outdoor light fittings and requires no special cleaning

The small Balmoral hanging lantern is shown here in the old antique finish. The Balmoral lanterns are replicas of original gas lanterns that were used throughout Victorian London. This extensive range of outdoor lighting was one of original collections and has been in production for over 40 years.

POLISHED FINISHES – natural polished finishes will patina over time. If you want to keep the shiny appearance you can clean every so often with brass polish, but we think leaving the fittings to mellow to a natural colour improves the look.

  • Polished Lacquered Finish – these fittings are polished and lacquered to get a bright and glossy appearance. Will just require an occasional clean with a damp cloth. Suitable for indoor lighting and some outdoor sites. We would not recommend this finish on external lights in coastal locations as the salt will degrade the finish very quickly.

The small swan neck single Gasolier wall light in the lacquered polished brass finish. This range of ceiling lights and wall lights is perfect for anyone wanting a period feel for a Victorian home.
  • Un-Lacquered Natural Finish – metal will be polished only and will gradually tarnish and mellow in colour much as an original antique fitting would do. You can polish back to its original shine with brass polish if you wish. This finish can be used for indoor and outdoor use.

The large Gothic table lamp in cast polished brass with a natural un-lacquered finish. This collection is based on castings taken from an original chandelier found in a Spanish church and dates from around 1800.


  • Nickel Unlacquered – most ranges are available in nickel plate which is polished ready for use. Over time nickel will patinate in the same way as silver. Rather like cleaning the family silver, it can be polished to restore its original sheen. If left, however, it will naturally mellow to give an attractive, classic appearance.

The classic Grosvenor collection has a timeless feel and sits happily in both traditional and contemporary interiors. The single wall light is shown here in the nickel finish.
  • Unlacquered Copper – this finish is offered as standard only on limited products. Other fittings can be made specially to order in this finish.

The Blenheim trough picture lights are based on originals used in Blenheim Palace. The 13″ version shown here is cast in brass and hand finished in copper with banjo joints to adjust the position.
  • Bronze – products with this finish are chemically treated and then lacquered to protect the natural bronze finish. These lights are only suitable for indoor use and this finish is available on selected products only.

The Gatsby wall lights have a distinct Art Deco appearance. Made in heavy cast brass and shown here in the bronze finish with lead glass rods.

Many of the fittings in our Heritage Lighting Collection are reproduced from original antiques and, using the traditional finishes shown above, they can be made to look far older than they really are. Let’s take a look at some more of these wonderful hand crafted UK made lights.


Broughton Ceiling Pendant

A stunning Regency ceiling pendant that looks fantastic in a traditional dining room or over a kitchen island or table in a rustic farmhouse kitchen. The Broughton pendant is shown here in the distressed antique finish

Cottage Ceiling Lights

The Cottage range includes ceiling lights with matching wall lights. They have bags of traditional English charm and are perfectly suited to country cottages with low ceilings. The 3 light ceiling fittings shown here can be used simply with candle bulbs or with shades that are available in a choice of colours

Empire Chandeliers

The Empire chandeliers are shown here in the distressed finish. These opulent chandeliers are recreated from original Georgian pieces and are illustrated with storm glass shades and fabric shades to give two different looks. These gorgeous chandeliers look fantastic in period dining rooms.


Carlton Wall Light

The twin Carlton wall light is made in chunky cast brass and shown in the polished lacquered finish. An elegant period wall light that looks amazing in most traditional interiors. Shown here teamed with black shades – other shades available.

Opera Wall Light

The Opera single wall sconce in cast brass with a distressed antique finish. A Georgian period wall light in the classic Baroque style inspired by an original found in the private box’s at the Royal Opera House in London.

Gatsby Wall Light

The aptly named Gatsby wall light is decidedly Art Deco in design. This is the smallest version in the lacquered polished brass metalwork with lead glass rods.


Gothic Lanterns

These Gothic hanging lanterns are the largest in the collection and make wonderful entrance hall lights. As shown here, they look equally as good over tables in the right setting. These are replicas of an old Gothic lantern found in an Irish church in County Cork dating back to the early 1700’s.

Victoria Station Lamp Pendant

The Victoria Station Light is a replica railway station hanging pendant from the London and South Coast Railway line which ran into Victoria Station in London. Made n solid brass with copper detailing. It is available to order with clear or opal glass.

Belgravia Hall Lanterns

The Belgravia hall lanterns and matching wall lights are both available in 3 sizes. These are Georgian style fittings perfect for traditional entrance hallways. It is shown here in the old antique finish


Vestry Wall Light

The Vestry wall sconce has been re-created from a Spanish candle lamp that was originally in a Medieval Catalonian church. The rustic, hand made quality of this light makes it ideal for a Gothic monastic look. Makes a great light for using in entrance hallways, corridors or for church or pub lighting. It is shown here in the old antique finish.

Berth Lamp

A traditional Victorian wall light that is a faithful reproduction of a ship’s cabin lamp from the White Star Line dating from 1905. Made in solid brass and shown here in the distressed antique finish. It will mellow with age much as the original fitting would have done.

Deck Lamp

The Deck vintage ceiling pendant is hand crafted in solid copper with a distressed antique brass finish and polished brass detailing. A replica of a 1920’s industrial light made for the Cannock Mining Company. Today the Deck pendants are wonderful for lighting over tables and kitchen islands and look great in pubs and restaurants too.


Stable Wall Light

A traditional flush fitting outdoor wall lantern in the distressed antique finish. Based on an original dating from around 1830. Lots of lovely period detailing and a hinged front door much like original Victorian lanterns

Chelsea Collection

A classic range of Georgian outdoor lanterns featuring bevelled glass. The small Chelsea hanging porch lantern and the up facing wall light are both shown here in the polished brass finish.

Wentworth Outdoor Lanterns

Classic English outdoor lights featuring mouth blown curved bevelled glass. The Wentworth range includes passage lamps (shown left), wall lights (shown centre) and pillar or gateposts lanterns (the shorter version is shown right)


Finally let’s take a look at a couple of the recent additions to our Heritage Lighting Collection.

Oyster Wall Lights

The Oyster wall lights are heavy hand crafted wall lights that shimmer and reflect the light like the oyster shells they are fashioned after. Reflections and shadows change as you move around creating a unique, warm lighting appearance. The large shell on the right is shown in polished brass whilst the smaller shell on the left is in the distressed antique finish.

Parisienne Collection

The striking Parisienne lanterns have been inspired by classic French architecture and offer an understated elegance that is just perfect for traditional homes. The intricate fretwork is combined with simple proportioned lines. The small flush fitting outdoor wall lantern on the left is shown in the old antique finish – it is also available in a larger size and a choice of other finishes. In the centre is the large 3 light outdoor wall light shown in the lacquered polished brass – a smaller version is available. Finally on the right is the large indoor hanging hall lantern in the distressed brass finish – available in 3 sizes, they are suitable for indoor use only.

We hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse at some of the period light fittings from our Heritage Lighting Collection. To view some more lights in this collection click here or on the link below


Hope this has been helpful to you, feel free to share.

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